Wow, I've not updated in awhile!

A few days ago, I was in a Border's book store with Caddie, as I really wanted some nonfiction, but didn't find anything I was looking for. Something did strike me as rather peculiar, however. There was a full section of the usual topics: fiction, science-fiction and fantasy, children, philosophy, religion and so on. Metaphysics even had it's own large section. And science? Science was not marked at all. When I asked an employee for assistance, science turned out to be a single unmarked shelf in the reference section, containing only a few bestsellers like Hawking (which I already had).

Now, I understand that fiction and a few other topics are far more popular than nonfiction. However, learning that something like metaphysics is far more popular than real science leads me to some concern. I wonder if people are just not interested in facts and reason, preferring more "feel good" books which assert what they already think or can otherwise agree with, but have no basis upon reality.

Mythology is important, and I do accept and understand that, as part of our artistic and emotional nature. However, isn't the understanding of the real world also vitally important? Maybe it's just a mild peeve. Or perhaps it's more just my concern about the nature of education in our current society.

I've always been curious, always wanted to understand and learn, and be able to fully admit when I simply do not know the answer. For me, the universe is an interesting, amazing and awe-inspiring place, just as it is.

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Autumnfox mischief

Icon Geekiness

I'm such a geek! I made yet another icon:

Feel free to snatch it if you like, just please give credit.

I really want to make some more icons soon. If you have an idea, please let me know! :D

Also, despite how much I like my old default icon, I've decided it's time for a change. I really love the work Sophie did for me, so I'm going to use that as my default for now. It's the closest work so far to how my character looks (albeit in a toony way).

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LJ Cleaning Complete!

List cleaning, accomplished!

I've removed 18 people, mostly those who haven't updated their LJ within the last six months or so.

If you are still active, and want to be added back, just let me know!

There's a few people I removed that I do miss a lot. Hopefully I can get a chance to talk with them on IM sometime. That, or maybe coax them back to LJ. ;)

I've also added 11 people who had been sitting in my "friends of" group for awhile. I'd like to welcome the new people to my journal, and I'm very sorry I hadn't added you back sooner. Please take off your shoes, and mind that first step. Thanks! :D

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Summer LJ Cleaning

Hmm, since I've been back on LJ a lot more lately, I'm going to follow Caddie's example and clean up my friends list.

So, please let me know if you want to stay. Or, if you're not on my list (or if I did cut you), just let me know and I'll likely add you. Thanks! :)

I'll also be cleaning out my Twitter in about a week, mainly people who aren't following me back.

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Icon Dump!

I have too many icons that I just do not use. Some of these I made, some I didn't. In any case, I figured I would post these here in case someone wants to use them, instead of just deleting them.

If you're taking one, please let me know. No real reason; I'm just curious, hehe. Also, please give credit if the creator is known, thanks!

I'll probably remove these icons from my photobucket in a week or so, so grab them while you can!

Water Girl -- Just a nice photograph I found, though I don't remember from where.
Creator: Me

Tree Dancer -- Another photograph that I found inspiring.
Creator: Me

Fox Plush -- Cute? Creepy? You decide!
Creator: The plush and original photo were created by Hatsukoi.

Firefox - Rediscover the Web -- Yay, Firefox! I just shrunk the original image down.
Creator: unknown

Firefox - Feeling a Little Foxy -- Another Firefox icon, this time animated.
Creator: unknown

Dance Like Noone is Watching -- I really liked this icon, but I've now made a new version.
Creator: unknown

GIR -- "Hello floor! Make me a sammich!" Maybe I'll find or make a better GIR icon sometime.
Creator: unknown

Knowledge and Wisdom -- I like the sentiment, but I rarely ever used this icon.
Creator: unknown

Fox Games - This one is based upon a piece of art that I liked.
Creator: The original art is by Sandy Skoglund.

Splat -- Ever have one of those days?
Creator: Me

Jedi Squrrels -- Yay, more squirrels!
Creator: Me, though I'm not sure who did the original photoshopped image.

Mr. Snugglepuff -- I never liked the way the text looked, so I made a new version.
Creator: unknown

Mr Fox (from Narnia) -- He is a cutie, isn't he?
Creator: Me

The Gay -- Some inside joke between Tawny and Runtt, I guess? Don't ask me. ;)
Creator: Me, but you don't have to give credit for this one. ;)

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So much in life is all perception.

You can give up, or you can keep trying.

You can worry, or smile and laugh at little things.

You can take the main street, or a road less traveled.

You can cry with disappointment, or find joy in the moment.

You can judge others, or you can take a deep long look at yourself.

Most people live their lives thinking selfishly, only of their own wants and needs and desires. Most people refuse to find happiness in the moment; instead they focus upon the negative things: ways to blame, ways to hate, ways to be disappointed. Most people refuse to realize that, so very often, what they hate about others is merely a reflection of what they hate about themselves.

I'm not saying: just change your mind. I know it's not always that simple.

All I'm saying is this: keep trying, keep looking, keep learning.

You can be free.

Chin up.

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Terrah Level Rainbow

Maine becomes 5th state to allow gay marriage

Holy snikies! Yesterday, Maine governor John Baldacci just signed the marriage equality bill into law, despite originally opposing it. I understand he eventually decided it was a matter of equality for all people, and specifically stated that it would not affect the practices of any religious denomination. His statement may be read here.

Having grown up in Maine, this makes me very proud of my old home. Thank you, Governor, for realizing that "separate but equal" is not acceptable in this day and age.

I just hope the tyranny of the majority does not take this right away, as I'm sure NOM and others are going to try to force this issue, along with their lies once again. So often, opponents of equality talk about how this would force all religions to accept and perform same-sex marriages -- among other lies -- which is completely untrue. If they're the so-called "moral majority", then why do they so often resort to outright lying?

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