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The majority of posts in my journal are friends only. If you'd like to be added, please leave a message.

If I removed you from my list, it might be for one of these reasions:
  • Your journal here appears to be dead.
  • I'm not sure who you are. Life gets busy, and we sometimes lose track.
  • I just don't feel comfortable with you seeing my entries.
  • I goofed up and removed you by accident. Oops, sorry!
Remember: You can always ask to be added back. Don't be afraid to ask!

Once again, if you want to be added, just leave a message! :)
Autumnfox mischief


Having trouble sleeping tonight, so decided to port whatever I can from here to DreamWidth. Considering recent policy changes here at LiveJournal I'd like to be prepared, just in case. Going forward, I'll likely be cross-posting on both.

If you're on DreamWidth, please feel free to add me. However, Twitter and Telegram are where I'm most active these days.

Active, heh. What a silly word to use, as I'm not very active these days. I've always been shy, quiet and introverted, but as I grow older I worry I'm becoming ever more silent. Truth is, I very much miss spending time with good people, good conversation, or simply enjoying each other's company. How have the years passed by so quickly? Feels like a blur, a dream... like losing a part of one's self.

This coming week is our last in Pennsylvania. We'll be in Indiana the week after, looking for a house. So many changes looming ahead. In any case, I'll post more on that later. Didn't mean to go on this long. Be well, everyone.
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Hard to believe it's been so long since I posted here. I've taken the advice of an awesome person and posting here now. So much has changed in the last few years. Reading my last post just filled me with a lot of difficult thoughts.

I'm debating on posting here again. Goodness knows I need a better outlet to talk. Lately I've only been using Twitter, Telegram, and sometimes GoogleTalk. I'll try to read here more, and so sorry I've been away so long.

There's many here I have lost contact with, that I regret greatly. It's definitely my own fault, and I'm so sorry. No excuses, but I wanted to let you know I still do think of you from time to time. You have touched my life, and I'm grateful.

Anyway, feel free to add me also on other social media. As mentioned, I'm on Twitter and Telegram as Autumnfox on both. GoogleTalk also, same name, just

Feeling a bit awkward posting this after so much time, so please forgive me if I seem so. I miss you all so much. Take care.

Maya, the Bengal tiger

Just found pictures of Maya, a tiger at Greenville Wildlife Park, where I used to volunteer at. He was mostly grown by the time I met him, but I miss him, and the other animals, dearly. Maya always used to try hiding behind a small bush in his enclosure, trying to be camouflaged.

I wish I could find pictures of Nitro, the leopard there, so named as he would often run around his enclosure. He used to lick our hands; we referred to it as "tenderizing".

There was also Joshua, a lion cub. I remember him pawing at the plexiglass of his enclosure at me. And the lady who took him for walks, well really he took her for walks, hehe!

I miss the red wolf, lions, and hyenas, too. There are days that I really miss doing this sort of thing.
Autumnfox mischief

New Icon and Fursuit Musings

Whee! New badge and icon thanks to Cadpig (for the commission) and BooBoo Bunny (for the actual art). I love it! Made some minor changes for the icon version, fixing my eye color, but otherwise I'm really happy with it, so much so that it has replaced my last default icon. =)

I suppose one's icon says a lot about a person. Lately, my default icons have changed from realistic to toony. I've been working on worrying less and learning to laugh more. Mind me, just musing. :)

Sorry I've not posted pictures of Wah's new bodysuit, as I was away most of last week and into the weekend for Anthrocon. I may post something this weekend, or else wait until I finish his new feet, so they'll actually match. Interestingly, I don't think anyone noticed that his feet didn't match. I just find that somewhat fascinating, since I tend to pay so much attention to detail with fursuits.

Oddly, I'm not as good at recognizing faces. At the convention, I saw several people I thought I knew, but wasn't entirely sure, so tended not to say anything. I am still terribly shy. :p

I definitely have a lot of fun suiting. Loved causing random mischief to make people giggle, and (hopefully) cheering up a few folks who were looking all alone. I live for that smile! I need to fursuit more; just so much fun! =)

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Dalek - Give us a cuddle!

Phillips - Customer Service

Our surround sound system just died. It shut itself off and stopped working; there was no obvious cause. We tried it in different outlets to be sure, but no luck.

We called Phillips, the manufacturer. There was zero waiting time, and after giving the product UPC and explaining the situation, they're sending us a replacement. Short call, no fuss at all. In fact, they're sending us a brand new system, and we can return the old system in the same box. They'll pay for postage both ways.

I am extremely impressed with their quick and courteous customer service, and we'll definitely buy from them again!

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The time just before a thunderstorm is marvelous. Blue sky growing dark, trees waving in the wind, a feeling of electricity hanging in the air. The whole world about me feels alive. It's a simple thing that never fails to make me smile.

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Re: LJ Clickthrough Links

So, I'm hearing from a few folks that clickthrough link ads are once again back on LJ, specifically issues with something called I.share.this. This appears to be affecting even some paid accounts (and presumably, permanent accounts as well.)

One confirmed solution to this issue, if you're using Firefox, is to use the Adblock Plus extension.

Normally I don't mind supporting a site I like, but I firmly feel that those with paid or permanent accounts should not be seeing any ads on LJ.

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