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Last night I took a walk, around 4 am. It was cold and a bit damp, per the weather here of late. I walked toward the ocean, about a quarter of a mile away. The night was so quiet, I could hear her roar from that distance. I look up at the stars and saw Orion, my favorite constellation. I said a prayer in the night, as I wandered, a walking prayer.

The ocean itself was devoid of anyone. Just the soft sand below me, the darkness all around me, and the ever-calling ocean. I took my shoes off, walked along the edge, and just... thought. Not the thinking I normally do, the constant worry, the fear and stress that keeps me up at night. Calm thoughts, reminders of my heart. I thought of Her, also.

I'm crying, just thinking about it. Not a bad cry, but one of joyful memories. I'm anxious to see the Pacific, where I will be living soon. I'm anxious to touch her waters and know her, as I've come to know this Atlantic sea. It's things like this I need more of in my life, just these tender little moments, so simple, which touch my heart and remind me... of the true me.

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