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The demise of Habeas Corpus

I know some people are tired of these political posts, but I feel it's important for people to realize what is going on within this nation. I am honestly frightened as much by our loss of liberty, as by those who honesty do not care about its loss.

ferum_animi posted an article about a recent bill which slipped off the radar during the recent Foley scandal, which I feel is important to check out. Wikipedia also has an a section on its "habeas corpus" article about on this current issue.

I would encourage others to spread the word about this, as well as to write your congressional representatives. For those who do nothing, you must also accept the consequences that come from the slippery slope our nation is now upon.

For those who claim that arguing against the government's oppression is unAmerican, let me just point you to a little document I like to call, The Declaration of Independence. To do nothing, in the face of adversity, is what is truly unAmerican. This is not a statement about the war; while I do not support this war, I do support our troops who are there, and pray for their safe return once the situation in the Middle East is stablized.

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