Autumnfox (foxymoonheart) wrote,

Stop Forest Service from making it easier to kill carnivores in the wild

Snagged from userinfosilvermane3:
"The U.S. Forest Service wants to make it easier to kill wolves, bears, cougars and other carnivores in federally designated wilderness areas -- America's most wild and remote places. Worse, the proposal would relax restrictions on using aerial gunning, motorized vehicles and cyanide guns to kill these magnificent creatures.

Send the message straight to the Secretary of Agriculture, who oversees the Forest Service. Tell him to force the Forest Service to withdraw this invasive proposal."
Looks like the petition has over 50,000 votes, and the goal is 60,000. Signing the petition only takes a couple minutes, so I urge you to please do so, so that it can reach its goal.

Tags: conservation, wildlife

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