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Sometimes sadness appears to erupt out of nowhere. One feels lonely in a crowd. One feels unwanted or unneeded when friends are around, even good friends.

Of course, fair-weather do abound. Sometimes one cannot see those who truly care, for they look on, with compassion but also sometimes in silence, for they have not the words to heal you.

This is particularly notable when one is consumed by sorrow. One pushes others away, and when the others do not reach back, one draws within even more. It is a harmful cycle, yet the key is not always forthcoming.

Still, a lot of these kinds of emotions are brought about from simple disappointment with how the world is. This dissatisfaction in the world around one's self -- or within one's self -- leads to suffering.

Perhaps if one can learn to accept the world as it is, never as ideal, but simply as being, one can avoid these feelings of dissatisfaction, of dukka, and hence reduce one's own pain, thusly breaking the cycle of negativity.

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