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Kefka Cosplay

For you Final Fantasy fans, this video, my friends, is another fine example of why I love Kefka (FF6) as a villian. What? I like cosplay! :p Besides, his acting is quite true to the character, and I absolutely adore how he pwns Sephiroth (FF7). ;) (I guess you'd have to know the story to get the reference....)

Besides, Kefka was the one Final Fantasy villian who actually did succeed in destroying the world. And he's an evil clown; c'mon, you don't get any eviller than clowns... except perhaps the Burger King. x.x

I'm playing FF5 Advance now, waiting for FF6 Advance. ^.^ I know 12 is out, but hey, I like old school gaming! (Besides, I no longer own a Playstation 2, and the Playstation 3 is just far too expensive for a console, assuming it was even available.)

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