Autumnfox (foxymoonheart) wrote,

Aerial Hunting of Wolves

From today's Defender's Of Wildlife newsletter (courtesy of ferum_animi):

"Alaska's brutal practice of aerial gunning has already claimed the lives of at least 670 wolves, with state officials even proposing to offer a $150 bounty to increase the killing.

"And now even the Greater Yellowstone wolves could face this barbaric killing as Idaho and Wyoming propose aerial gunning programs of their own.

"We can stop Alaska's aerial gunning dead in its tracks -- and prevent the slaughter from spreading to other states. Sign our Citizen Cosponsor petition urging your Representative to support a bill that will stop Alaska's senseless slaughter.

"A conservation champion, Rep.George Miller (CA) will soon introduce legislation -- the Protecting America's Wildlife (PAW) Act -- to restrict this awful practice. But his bill needs your support to win passage of this wolf-saving measure.

"We need you to urge your Representative to become an original cosponsor of Rep. Miller's legislation! Sign the Citizen Cosponsor petition today!

"By signing on, you’ll be joining tens of thousands of Americans who support stopping Alaska's aerial gunning of wolves.

"This summer, Defenders Action Fund advocates will hand-deliver the petition to your Member of Congress, sending a powerful message on behalf of our wolves. Your action today can make a powerful difference in stopping Alaska's brutal policy -- and preventing if from spreading elsewhere.

"Congress must put an end to barbaric aerial gunning of wolves in Alaska -- and stop it before it spreads to threaten our Yellowstone wolves. You can help ensure the passage of this important legislation -- sign the Citizen Cosponsor petition today!"
Tags: conservation, wildlife

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