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Santa Monica Mountains National Park

Today, I finally got a chance to really get out in nature for a bit. Tibble took me to the Santa Monica Mountains National Park.

We took the bus to Beverly and Sunset, then hiked the rest of the way, making our way around Franklin Lake, where we saw some ducks. We stood by the lake for a few minutes, just watching the lovely sunlight glint off the ripply surface of the water before finally continuing onward.

Eventually, we reached the Sooky Goldman Nature Center, where we happen to meet one of Tibble's friends who works there, Kanis. We talked for a few minutes, then off again up a mountain trail. The view from above was quite stunning, for a well-forested desert anyway. It's nothing like New England, but I'm not complaining. Next time, I'll have to be sure to bring a camera.

It wasn't that bad of a hike, only six miles or thereabouts, although it did make me realize I do need to get my body in better order. Then again, the sun was quite hot, and silly me forgot to wear sunscreen. I have a slight sunburn, red, but thankfully no pain. We also made sure to bring plenty of water. (Tibble forgot to bring some the last time he came this way.) I very nearly succumbed to heatstroke too; I took a break then and there to recover before proceeding any further.

All and all, an excellent getaway, despite how tired and sore my body is. We'll definitely take this hike again, exploring some of the other trails. Hopefully I'll build up my tolerance again, and I'll definitely take the necessary precautions.

All I can say is that I really, really needed to be out in nature again. Thank you, Tibs.

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