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At the Movies! (Almost spoiler free!)

Why yes, I am starting to keep up with LJ more, again. :)

Cadpig and I went to see WALL-E awhile ago, when I was still in PA. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect going into the movie, but it was a very enjoyable film, with more than a few "Awwww!" moments. If you keep politics out of the film, it comes down to essentially a love story... with robots. Hey, it's cute, and we liked it. ^.^

Last night, roomates and I went to Grauman's Chinese Theatre. (Yes, THAT theatre!) I've been there before, but usually to the smaller screens. This time we got into the largest screen, and it was just so beautiful. I really wish I'd had a camera to take pictures. Geeze, I'm starting to sound like a tourist, haha.

Anyway, we definitely enjoyed the film we saw, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Lots of action and far more comedy than I expected. We went ballistic when Hellboy and Abe Sapien got drunk and starting singing Barry Manilow. Ah, simple minds are amused by simple things, I guess.

Del Toro's influence was duly noted throughout the movie, and I feel was the right decision to direct. Dark fey? Yes please. No pink sugarplum fairies here. (Not that I mind pink, nor Tchaikovsky, not at all!) If you've not seen a previous Del Toro movie, Pan's Labyrinth, I also highly recommend it.

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