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Icon Dump!

I have too many icons that I just do not use. Some of these I made, some I didn't. In any case, I figured I would post these here in case someone wants to use them, instead of just deleting them.

If you're taking one, please let me know. No real reason; I'm just curious, hehe. Also, please give credit if the creator is known, thanks!

I'll probably remove these icons from my photobucket in a week or so, so grab them while you can!

Water Girl -- Just a nice photograph I found, though I don't remember from where.
Creator: Me

Tree Dancer -- Another photograph that I found inspiring.
Creator: Me

Fox Plush -- Cute? Creepy? You decide!
Creator: The plush and original photo were created by Hatsukoi.

Firefox - Rediscover the Web -- Yay, Firefox! I just shrunk the original image down.
Creator: unknown

Firefox - Feeling a Little Foxy -- Another Firefox icon, this time animated.
Creator: unknown

Dance Like Noone is Watching -- I really liked this icon, but I've now made a new version.
Creator: unknown

GIR -- "Hello floor! Make me a sammich!" Maybe I'll find or make a better GIR icon sometime.
Creator: unknown

Knowledge and Wisdom -- I like the sentiment, but I rarely ever used this icon.
Creator: unknown

Fox Games - This one is based upon a piece of art that I liked.
Creator: The original art is by Sandy Skoglund.

Splat -- Ever have one of those days?
Creator: Me

Jedi Squrrels -- Yay, more squirrels!
Creator: Me, though I'm not sure who did the original photoshopped image.

Mr. Snugglepuff -- I never liked the way the text looked, so I made a new version.
Creator: unknown

Mr Fox (from Narnia) -- He is a cutie, isn't he?
Creator: Me

The Gay -- Some inside joke between Tawny and Runtt, I guess? Don't ask me. ;)
Creator: Me, but you don't have to give credit for this one. ;)

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