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Nothing new

Well, it started off rather warm, but cooled off pretty quickly. I actually slept today as the humidity was down, so that's a good thing. I'm feeling rather ill to my stomach though I'm not sure why. It's probably just stress. I'm actually feeling rather well though, mentally. Well, whatever works I guess.

I finally got my refund from Abtivan Concepts. It only took them two months! Short version: They sold me shocks on ebay that not only did they not have in stock, but were discontinued! Grr, I've never given negative feedback before these guys. Oh well, live and learn. Unfortunately, I'll now have to save up to get the more expensive shocks for my Volvo.

I decided to change a few things again with my LJ. Nothing major, just changed the groupings of my communities and feeds, as listed in the links part of my sidebar. I've seen people with many, many more communities/feeds than I, and have no clue how they keep track of them. Oh well, hopefully this will help keep me a bit more organized. I've also started plotting a map of my LJ friends. You can check the link (or add yourself!) in my user info.

Otherwise, I'm quire bored. Still working on getting the basic moves down for contact juggling. I'm so clumsy, but I'll get it eventually. At least the ball isn't flying everywhere now, hehe. I need to pick up a good eraser so I can do more drawing. Yay, the urge has returned! That's a good thing.

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