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As the Fox Turns

My LiveJournal Sitcom
As The foxymoonheart Turns (CBS, 2:30): foxymoonheart (Molly Ringwald) borrows money from furfright (Kevin Costner)'s manicurist. Later, mishicougar (Samuel L. Jackson) hires fox_clan (Michael Baldwin) to perform pantomime at a day spa. That weekend, tirran (Adam Sandler) and plushlover (Cuba Gooding Jr.) perform slapstick at a music store. At the same time, animecat (Lauren Bacall) and wolfphotography (John de Lancie) kiss at a grocery store. Nearby, ash_quoll (Nat King Cole) unknowingly gets high before a meeting with keikan (Don Rickles). Everyone learns a valuable lesson.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

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