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New Icon and Fursuit Musings

Whee! New badge and icon thanks to Cadpig (for the commission) and BooBoo Bunny (for the actual art). I love it! Made some minor changes for the icon version, fixing my eye color, but otherwise I'm really happy with it, so much so that it has replaced my last default icon. =)

I suppose one's icon says a lot about a person. Lately, my default icons have changed from realistic to toony. I've been working on worrying less and learning to laugh more. Mind me, just musing. :)

Sorry I've not posted pictures of Wah's new bodysuit, as I was away most of last week and into the weekend for Anthrocon. I may post something this weekend, or else wait until I finish his new feet, so they'll actually match. Interestingly, I don't think anyone noticed that his feet didn't match. I just find that somewhat fascinating, since I tend to pay so much attention to detail with fursuits.

Oddly, I'm not as good at recognizing faces. At the convention, I saw several people I thought I knew, but wasn't entirely sure, so tended not to say anything. I am still terribly shy. :p

I definitely have a lot of fun suiting. Loved causing random mischief to make people giggle, and (hopefully) cheering up a few folks who were looking all alone. I live for that smile! I need to fursuit more; just so much fun! =)

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