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Wakey wakey

Okay, I actually did end up sleeping, hehe. Just waking up now. Tibble said he wants to go grab some Indian food, but as it's almost 8:30pm now, and the place closes at 9:30, it's takes half an hour to get there, and he's still in bed.... *chuckles* That's alright, I'm just looking at alternatives right now. The Chinese place is just down the street, but they close at 9, and I'm not sure if I'm in the mood for that anyway.

Yes, yes, we usually do go through a long process just to figure out where to go. *smiles* Of course, I'm quite happy with takeout, or just making something here, but Tibs likes "the restaurant experience" as he calls it. Fine for me either way, though restaurants can get expensive, especially since we're still not up to forty hours at work. And work is hiring ten to fifteen new people. :P I keep saying it, retail management is.. uh.. unsmart. ;) (Hey, it's the most polite way I could think to say that, whee!)

Obviously, I'm in a great mood right now. I'm probably going to draw something later, too. At the moment though, I'm still trying to wake up. *yawn* Well, at least I've tonight off. Now just to figure out what to do, as I'm really in the mood to accomplish something.

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