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Food and music

Food is good. :) Right now, just getting ready to eat an Italian sub and drink an Arizona green tea. Very good stuff. :)

I bought some CDs online a few days ago. Several were ones that somehow got lost, probably in my last move almost three years ago. Only recently did I start looking for them, and couldn't find them. Luckily, I found them online, and very cheaply. I think the most expensive one was only $3 US. They're used of course, but then, I just wanted CDs comparable to the current condition of what mine would have been had they not been lost.

For curiosity's sake, here's the list of the CDs I lost but just repurchased (at a significant discount!):
  • Melissa Etheridge - Jagged Little Pill
  • Savage Garden - Affirmation
  • Soul Asylum - Grave Dancer's Union
And here's the list of new CDs I have coming in (also at a significant discount!):
  • Creed - Human Clay
  • Soul Asylum - Let Your Dim Light Shine
  • Waterbone - Tibet
Tibble also recently bought me Kenny Rogers' new compilation CD.

Of course, this isn't really a representation of the music I listen to. I love most music, except for modern rap or heavy metal. Of course, there's a few exceptions even to those. For instance, kamiten introduced me to Nightwish, and I like what I've heard so far. I'm pretty much open to anything -- most anything, anyway.

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