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Alright, just messing with my LJ groups and such. I now have a full five categories to keep things organized, but even so, there are communities that overlap several categories, although I've chosen to keep each community in only one category.... I'll see how this works for now. I'm considering an upgrade to a paid account. Of course, that would allow me to make fifteen links, and I think I might go crazy with my organizing in that case. Yeah, I organize things when I'm bored, hehe.

Oh well, I think I'm going to head out for some ice cream at the moment. Tibs and I were going to do so last night, but I decided to get some sleep. If you think I'm strange for eating ice cream at 9am (EDT), note that this is usually close to my bedtime. I've work on the morrow, so I need to get my sleeping schedule back in order. I don't mind working overnights at all, though it does make doing things during the day difficult. Oh well, here I go.
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