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Work sucks

Last night at work did not go well at all. First off, after letting someone know about something that peeved me, they went ahead and did it anyway. Next, I found that crew I was working with seemed adamant on letting me do the hardest sections all by myself, while they played around or worked in groups on easier things. All the while, I couldn't find the tools I needed to do my job with any sense of efficiency (and not being efficient at work is another of my peeves).

Things proceeded in this manner for over five hours, culminating with a pallet of furniture falling on me. Needless to say, I had a talk with the "TL". (Gods, I hate this company's propensity for using acronyms for euphemistic titles... he's an f-ing supervisor!) He sent me home, and let me know that if I wasn't feeling well enough to come in tonight, he'd understand. Honestly, I'm still debating.

I'm not really physically in pain, more emotionally frustrated is all. Last night was just too much, and honestly, was cumulating for three days. I'm just glad it's over... for now.

Update: 7:30am

Leave it to Soul Asylum to cheer me up. (It's what I listen to when I'm bitchy, in case anyone's curious.)

I tried to get a good job
With honest pay
Might as well join the mob
The benefits are OK
   (Soul Asylum - Without a Trace)

Hehe, those guys are silly. Seriously though, maybe I really do need a new job, or (gods forbid!) actually work on a career once I figure out what I want to do when I grow up.  :-P  :-)

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