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Pain and thoughts

Owie, my upper back is killing me. I'm not sure what I did, or if this is just a continuation of the furniture incident yesterday. It's just hard to move my neck right now, I feel pain moving right down my spine and in the muscles over my scapulae. Hopefully, it's only short term.

I just got off the phone with my mom. She really wants to come and get me tomorrow to visit her for the next few days, although I'm hesitant to do so. This is probably indicative of how I've been feeling in general, really antisocial. Just, in my current condition, I don't think it's fair to be around others, as I think I'd probably only get them down. I just have a lot of things I need to deal with right now, and I doubt anyone needs to listen to my griping. I'm not really depressed or anything, though I do feel my life is out of my control.

I really wish I had gotten outside earlier today, when the sun was still up. It looked like a wonderful day. Maybe that's another issue about working nights. I know it affects my memory and emotional state; maybe I should consider talking with my human resources manager and try to seek a day position. It probably would help a lot, really.

In any case, I do want to get to Maine at some point. I miss being up there, the great rocky forests and the fresh air. I miss my nephews too.

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