April 13th, 2004

Autumnfox mischief

There'll be days like this

Well, I have a car at my father's house that I've been meaning to bring down here for some time. Just yesterday I received a call from my mom (my parents are divorced) saying that the property owner is threatening to tow the car unless it's gone by tomorrow!

So, it's been a busy day, driving almost two hours to get the title and bill of sale from my mother, then back here to get registration and plates. I now need to drive back with someone to get the car, but so far, no luck. I hope I can find someone to help me by tonight.

Tibble was going to go with me, but he got some bad news from his mother. His aunt just died. :( He seemed very shaken, and decided to go to sleep for awhile. It's been about eight hours now, but I don't want to wake him. Poor dear... I'm just glad he got to see her last weekend. I mean, his family knew it was going to happen soon, but it still hurts. :(
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