May 19th, 2004

Autumnfox mischief

Think I lost something

No no no, the music I'm listening to is not what you think it is! You're all perverts! *chuckle* Seriously though, the song is about dragons and is produced by the Bards, who make some pretty sweet Celtic music. Check them out at They offer free lyrics, free mp3s, and even free "Real Men Wear Kilts" stickers! Woohoo!

As for me, well, last night at work went alright. I somehow caught a stomach virus, which luckily only affected me for about an hour; I was fine after that, though, thank goodness!

I did my DDR workout again today (geeze, I suck...), then weighed myself. I was at 165 lbs (75 kg), but now I'm at 158 lbs (72 kg), woohoo! Not bad after only a couple weeks of taking better care of myself (diet, exercise, etc.). My goal is 145 lbs (66 kg), which I think is quite reasonable, as I used to weigh 125 lbs (57 kg) until I was 25 years old or so.

And yes, tzisorey, I provided the weights in kilograms just for you; hope it doesn't boost your ego too high! ;)
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Autumnfox mischief

There goes the first amendment... again.

I know that we may have differing stances on Bush and the war, however I feel that freedom of speech is a serious issue we should all agree to support. Apparently, a high school student wrote a poem denouncing Bush, and the principal has gone to extreme measures against anyone who has supported this student or the reading group she was part of. (Thanks to rosequoll for bringing this to my attention.)

You can read the full article here. If that site is down (which I noticed it was earlier), wolfwings has provided a mirror, here. There's a variation of the same story available here, which also includes the poem. The poem itself is also available here.

If anyone's interested in writing to the governor of New Mexico about this, you can send him a message via his webpage here.
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Autumnfox mischief


Wow. I get one day off during the week between workdays, and I am so terribly bored. I need to redevelop some of my old hobbies.
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