August 11th, 2007

Kitsune Chokoreto


Sometimes, all we really need is a call from a good friend, just to know someone's really there, and that we're not alone.

Thank you, Danielle. :)

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Dalek - Give us a cuddle!

Dalek Love

This is what happens when you watch too much Doctor Who. Incidentally, it is probably my favorite science-fiction series of all time. Not to say I don't like Star Trek, but still. ;)

It also happens to be the longest running sci-fi series ever, originating in 1963. Tom Baker is still my favorite Doctor, although David Tennet is filling out the role nicely.

Oh, and kudos to whoever gets the reference in the icon. ^.^ And yes, it's free to use, just please give me credit, thanks! :D

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