May 7th, 2009

Terrah Level Rainbow

Maine becomes 5th state to allow gay marriage

Holy snikies! Yesterday, Maine governor John Baldacci just signed the marriage equality bill into law, despite originally opposing it. I understand he eventually decided it was a matter of equality for all people, and specifically stated that it would not affect the practices of any religious denomination. His statement may be read here.

Having grown up in Maine, this makes me very proud of my old home. Thank you, Governor, for realizing that "separate but equal" is not acceptable in this day and age.

I just hope the tyranny of the majority does not take this right away, as I'm sure NOM and others are going to try to force this issue, along with their lies once again. So often, opponents of equality talk about how this would force all religions to accept and perform same-sex marriages -- among other lies -- which is completely untrue. If they're the so-called "moral majority", then why do they so often resort to outright lying?