August 10th, 2009

Autumnfox mischief


So much in life is all perception.

You can give up, or you can keep trying.

You can worry, or smile and laugh at little things.

You can take the main street, or a road less traveled.

You can cry with disappointment, or find joy in the moment.

You can judge others, or you can take a deep long look at yourself.

Most people live their lives thinking selfishly, only of their own wants and needs and desires. Most people refuse to find happiness in the moment; instead they focus upon the negative things: ways to blame, ways to hate, ways to be disappointed. Most people refuse to realize that, so very often, what they hate about others is merely a reflection of what they hate about themselves.

I'm not saying: just change your mind. I know it's not always that simple.

All I'm saying is this: keep trying, keep looking, keep learning.

You can be free.

Chin up.