August 11th, 2009

Autumnfox mischief

Icon Dump!

I have too many icons that I just do not use. Some of these I made, some I didn't. In any case, I figured I would post these here in case someone wants to use them, instead of just deleting them.

If you're taking one, please let me know. No real reason; I'm just curious, hehe. Also, please give credit if the creator is known, thanks!

I'll probably remove these icons from my photobucket in a week or so, so grab them while you can!

Water Girl -- Just a nice photograph I found, though I don't remember from where.
Creator: Me

Tree Dancer -- Another photograph that I found inspiring.
Creator: Me

Fox Plush -- Cute? Creepy? You decide!
Creator: The plush and original photo were created by Hatsukoi.

Firefox - Rediscover the Web -- Yay, Firefox! I just shrunk the original image down.
Creator: unknown

Firefox - Feeling a Little Foxy -- Another Firefox icon, this time animated.
Creator: unknown

Dance Like Noone is Watching -- I really liked this icon, but I've now made a new version.
Creator: unknown

GIR -- "Hello floor! Make me a sammich!" Maybe I'll find or make a better GIR icon sometime.
Creator: unknown

Knowledge and Wisdom -- I like the sentiment, but I rarely ever used this icon.
Creator: unknown

Fox Games - This one is based upon a piece of art that I liked.
Creator: The original art is by Sandy Skoglund.

Splat -- Ever have one of those days?
Creator: Me

Jedi Squrrels -- Yay, more squirrels!
Creator: Me, though I'm not sure who did the original photoshopped image.

Mr. Snugglepuff -- I never liked the way the text looked, so I made a new version.
Creator: unknown

Mr Fox (from Narnia) -- He is a cutie, isn't he?
Creator: Me

The Gay -- Some inside joke between Tawny and Runtt, I guess? Don't ask me. ;)
Creator: Me, but you don't have to give credit for this one. ;)

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Summer LJ Cleaning

Hmm, since I've been back on LJ a lot more lately, I'm going to follow Caddie's example and clean up my friends list.

So, please let me know if you want to stay. Or, if you're not on my list (or if I did cut you), just let me know and I'll likely add you. Thanks! :)

I'll also be cleaning out my Twitter in about a week, mainly people who aren't following me back.