March 4th, 2010



Wow, I've not updated in awhile!

A few days ago, I was in a Border's book store with Caddie, as I really wanted some nonfiction, but didn't find anything I was looking for. Something did strike me as rather peculiar, however. There was a full section of the usual topics: fiction, science-fiction and fantasy, children, philosophy, religion and so on. Metaphysics even had it's own large section. And science? Science was not marked at all. When I asked an employee for assistance, science turned out to be a single unmarked shelf in the reference section, containing only a few bestsellers like Hawking (which I already had).

Now, I understand that fiction and a few other topics are far more popular than nonfiction. However, learning that something like metaphysics is far more popular than real science leads me to some concern. I wonder if people are just not interested in facts and reason, preferring more "feel good" books which assert what they already think or can otherwise agree with, but have no basis upon reality.

Mythology is important, and I do accept and understand that, as part of our artistic and emotional nature. However, isn't the understanding of the real world also vitally important? Maybe it's just a mild peeve. Or perhaps it's more just my concern about the nature of education in our current society.

I've always been curious, always wanted to understand and learn, and be able to fully admit when I simply do not know the answer. For me, the universe is an interesting, amazing and awe-inspiring place, just as it is.

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LJ Clickthrough Links

Reposted from freakylynx, who snatched it from foxhack, who snatched it from.... you get the idea. :)

Livejournal is adding clickthrough links to your journal.

In short, LJ is using a javascript applet to change links to several vendors into clickthrough links they get referral money from. Even if you're a paid user.

To fix this, go to the second link above, or just type "set opt_exclude_stats 1" into the LJ console, right here.

Now, I understanding LJ needing to make money for hosting, paying employees, and so on, although I do wish that this did not apply to paid or permanent users....

UPDATE: It seems the staff has removed the code, for now at least.