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Busy days

It's been a busy past few days; lots of driving and phone calls.

I'm getting the Volvo checked out before we head to AC, just to be safe. It's been having some trouble when starting. Mainly, it's idling far too low (around 600-700 rpms) and stalling, usually right after starting and also the first time I put it in gear. Pity I'm clueless about automotives; hopefully a tune-up will do the trick. If not, my mechanic will at least figure out what's wrong, with any luck.

Having some issues with work also, so decided to have a meeting with the human resources manager. Hopefully things will improve; only time will tell.

As Tibs can attest to, I was a flake yesterday. In a very good way. He swears I was acting hyper, but really, I was just in a very good mood. We ended up going out to eat at his favorite restaurant, then off to the movies. We'd already seen most of the things that came out (Riddick, Day After Tomorrow, etc.) so we decided to check out the new Harry Potter film.

I've also been catching up on some old games I'd never finished. I used to be a big gamer, and though I keep up with what's new and such, I really don't buy them anymore. That's because I've realized that I rarely finish what I start. I often think I'm a boring person, but I think the reality is that I just have so many interests, I never pursue any long enough, so I end up being a purveyor of minor knowledge. Tibs calls me "professor" when I get into discussing various topics, hehe. Really, I just know a little bit about a whole lot of things; personally I'd like to have a bit more focus, as it'd help me get a better job. Then again, Tibs has all these degrees and has the same job I do. :(

I am a bit worried about Tibs. The uni he applied to in Cali messed up on his application, first somehow thinking he'd sent it in months after he really did, and then requiring his old transcripts from another college which weren't required before. He really wants to go there, only a semester, but the uni has a placement program for composers, which could prove very useful for him. I really don't know how he does it, honestly... this would be his eleventh year with college. He already has two bachelor's degrees, one in electrical engineering and the other in musical composition. Really, I think he's the "professor", at least within his chosen fields.

Well, I think he wants to watch a film now, so I'll sign off. I hope everyone's doing well. And I hope the uni gets everything sorted out for Tibble.

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