April 14th, 2017

Autumnfox mischief


Having trouble sleeping tonight, so decided to port whatever I can from here to DreamWidth. Considering recent policy changes here at LiveJournal I'd like to be prepared, just in case. Going forward, I'll likely be cross-posting on both.

If you're on DreamWidth, please feel free to add me. However, Twitter and Telegram are where I'm most active these days.

Active, heh. What a silly word to use, as I'm not very active these days. I've always been shy, quiet and introverted, but as I grow older I worry I'm becoming ever more silent. Truth is, I very much miss spending time with good people, good conversation, or simply enjoying each other's company. How have the years passed by so quickly? Feels like a blur, a dream... like losing a part of one's self.

This coming week is our last in Pennsylvania. We'll be in Indiana the week after, looking for a house. So many changes looming ahead. In any case, I'll post more on that later. Didn't mean to go on this long. Be well, everyone.