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Someone finally sent me an invite for a gmail account, and I must say, so far it appears to be everything everyone says it is. :) There's the one gig of storage of course, sorting past emails in groups, sorting by multiple custom labels, changing the name that appears on your address, changing the reply-to address, keyboard shortcuts, spam filter, custom filters, spellchecker, show snipets like with google search results, and so forth. I haven't explored everything, but I really like what I'm seeing so far. I'll never go back to hotmail again! :D

I also found a nifty little program called Pop Goes the Gmail (aka PGtGM) which will alert you whenever you receive a new gmail message, and, if you like, will convert those messages into a pop3 format that your personal email program (such as Thunderbird) can read. You will, however need the .net framework to use it.

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