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Funny how life can be at times.

My doctor has me on light duty, and doesn't want me doing much walking or even standing at work. Today, I spent most of my time at work in a wheelchair, either at the front desk or working electronics. I think back on how I used to take care of people like this, confined to a chair, or with other disabilities. It's definitely given me a different perspective, and I think I'm coming to understand how adaptable human beings are, and just how strong they can be.

Dilemma in my mind, as I know I've grown cynical through the years, yet am again finding hope. Like the photographer I mentioned awhile back, or the turtle, just little things really. Small things that made me smile, and help me realize how precious life can be. Life really is too short to give in to stress, frustration, anger. I'm 30 already, yet still don't know just where I'm supposed to be.

Maybe I do worry too much, as everyone says. Well, maybe, but as long as I can find those small moments, maybe I can find some true happiness within myself.

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