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To stop running

It's amazing what following a few links can do. I'm suddenly thinking a whole lot about the past. I'm not complaining, just contemplating. Almost a decade ago, I disappeared from therianthropy. Looking back, I'm still not sure why. I know part of it, was following tzisorey, and my love for him. That's how I later got into furry and stuff. While I still don't really consider myself furry (see this post), my heart still burns with life when I think about therianthropy. I've been around so much, yet I'm still alone inside my heart. And I realize now that I've got no one to blame but myself. But I'm not going to bother with blame, because it doesn't solve a damned thing. Instead, I think it's time to start changing things in my life, and to come back to who and what I really am. Maybe I don't quite know just what that is right now, but I'm not giving up until I find it.

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