Autumnfox (foxymoonheart) wrote,

Anthrocon Report


An eight hour drive doesn't seem so much, but for some reason it does in a Volvo. Tibs and I had the thing so packed, we couldn't see out of the rear view window. We actually had to help eachother while changing lanes, just to make sure it was safe. Thankfully, we were convoying with eddiecoon and mikori and I felt much safer for that. I picked up some cheap RFS units for $20 before hand, and though they kept reporting the battery power wrong, they helped an awful lot. I must admit, Tibs did more driving than I did. I have a nasty habit of falling asleep in a moving vehical, which is definitely ungood. Anyway, we finally made it safe and sound at the hotel, and even better, found that our friend Silverfox had already got our room. Third floor, woohoo! I bet it'll never happen again.


Of course, to every positive there is a negative. Now, I try my best to be a very tolerant person, and I truly feel that what one or more consenting adults do in private is their own damned business. Of course, when the smell of human feces penetrates two walls, that's not exactly private anymore. Suffice to say, we were unlucky enough to have a room across from the babyfurs. I'll admit, grown men who walk about in diapers -- who have no bowel problems -- defecating against their own behinds, well, that makes me a bit uneasy. What's worse is a guy on an elevator saying, in a creepy childlike voice, "I'm a babyfur and I pooped myself." Gah.. Look, if I hear another "Code 2" as they call it, I'm gonna smack some heads. As it is, I had the unfortunate opportunity to meet a resident of that room. He looked an awful lot like Conan O'Brian. Now, try to imagine Conan O'Brian wearing only a diaper and saying, "I pooped myself," and you'll get some idea of what we went through. Please, I don't care what your kink is, just keep it private, that's all I ask.


Seems every year I have fursuit trouble. Just something to note, it's hard finding anything that will stick to foam latex. Just trust me on that one. And gaffer's tape is just awesome... but it doesn't stick to foam latex. The fans in my new red panda (wah!) had plenty of trouble. I decided to put fans in either ear to blow air out. I got the idea from real life foxes, who use their ears to release excess heat. Of course, stupid me didn't realize that it would suck up my hair too. Ouch! I managed to get one fan working again, though the other one kept turning off at the slightest bump. Needless to say, it got quite hot. Ah, being a performer isn't easy, but it's still fun once you work out the kinks. Pity neither of my suits got to wear my fedora this year, which is how folks usually identify me. Stupid me forgot my pins at home. Oh well. Oh, I mentioned I had suits (plural). I often bring an extra one for my poor fursuit-less friends. I must admit though, I was surprised that my old foxsuit got more attention than my new red panda. Well, I'm sure Bounderfox and Blue Heeler Sunfire -- who both wore that suit -- were happy about it. :)


I met several new people this year, and a lot of old friends. I felt like a total idiot for not recognizing Wolphy right off. He said it'd been like four years, but still; he's a great guy, I still care about him, and I admire all the work he's done for Wolfpark. Man, torrle is hot. I'd never seen him out of fursuit before, but geeze, that guy is friggin gorgeous! Gah, I almost never look at people that way... I also found Bushycat to be quite approachable, and though I don't really get into pr0n, she seemed very nice. I've known of her for years thanks to Eddie and Mikori (or Mickey as he hates to be called!). I also finally got to meet Seaweed whom I'd know about for some time (though I never had the courage to talk with her before), as well as fellow foxies friskshepherd and balloonfox. I caught sonicblu all too briefly. I kept seeing aerofox and loriana though we were always in a rush. I also got to see darkparrier whom I hadn't seen in a long time -- I forgot just what a nice guy he really is. I saw pandaguy, but still lacked the courage to talk with him. Oh, and camstone, though that was just when we were all leaving. There's quite a few more, but I honestly don't remember them all right now. Sorry!


Strange how things seemed to go so slow this year, probably because we got in on early Thursday instead of mid-Friday like we usually do. Still, it was over too fast, and I do miss my friends. I don't really attend the programs or anything, I go to these things mostly to visit people I've come to care about over the years. Strangely, I think this was my best furry con yet, despite all the trouble. I didn't get depressed once, which has always happened at these things. Of course, I'm still debating on going again next year. Anthrocon is just getting too big, and it seems that fewer people I know go each year. Leaving was bittersweet and all too quick, as usual. The weather seemed to mirror that thought, as the rain poured down, powerlines fell, and it seemed all of Philly was falling to pieces.


The trip home was alright, and really without much incident except for the traffic. Thinking back about things, I'm realizing why I go to these things. I really don't care so much about a lot of the furry stuff. Mostly, I'm there because there are people I care about, and this is just the easiest way to visit them all. Sure, I wish I had more time to talk with them all. Or listen, really, since that's how my conversations generally go. I just like hearing what people have to say. And being there does somehow give me some semblance of hope. People are people, regardless of whatever subculture they belong to. There's good and bad, but I sometimes think that most are just doing the best they can. Yeah, there's some serious jerks, and people who are overly selfish, but there are also a lot of people who aren't that way. I think I'm going to take some of this to heart this year, and work on improving myself once again. Looking up at the sky and the land, there's a great beauty to behold. I feel as if the world is brighter once again, all about me there is growing life, and the smells of nature consume my senses and make me happy. At least, until there's another Code 2, anyway.
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