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I saw work's doctor again today, and he's finally released me from restricted duty. I'm not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but I dropped something heavy on my foot a couple weeks back, apparently causing a serious sprain. I'm just glad to be back, since the restrictions were making work rather boring. I'm just one of those weird people who like keeping busy while at work, heh. I still think it's funny that people keep telling me to slow down; some even seem slightly upset with me, probably because they feel I'm making them look bad. *shrug* I just take my work seriously. Honestly, it bothers me when I see other people come to work, who then walk slower while there than they do normally. My feelings are, I'm getting paid to do a job, I'll do that job to the best of my capacity. Besides, running about does help me keep a bit more fit, which I feel is important.

Of course, I admit that I do need to loosen up a bit. I definitely take work far too seriously.

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