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I came home today to find kamiten asleep on the couch, no blanket or anything; I felt kinda bad about that. :( He came to visit us yesterday, though we only got to spend a few hours together, since tibble_cgress and I had to get sleep for work last night, and then, of course, work itself. The time we spent together was good. I miss him and a lot of the old crew greatly. I just wish I was a better host, more interesting, etc.

I'm grateful to have a job of course, though I do wish it didn't interfere so much with my visitors. Same thing happened when lmacleod visited several months ago. At least, in the latter case, brunbera was around to help entertain. Hopefully my workplace will get it's act together and update our availability so we can start spending time with people again. See, they apparently lost all our old availability forms. Yeah, which is odd, since there should be a copy in the availability folder, as well as everyone's personal folder. It's more like someone wasn't happy with our current availabilities and removed them all. :/ Again, I'm grateful for having a job right now, but man, retail sucks.

Oh, and happy birthday to latinvixen02, and happy early birthdays to shy_matsi, friskshepherd and blackxwolfx13.

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