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Foxes and trees

Just staring out my window, wishing some foxes would appear. I know they live there in the woods; my roommate has seen them. Too much brush to find tracks, but having walked there, I know there's lots of places for them to hide. Sometimes I wish I could be that invisible at times, just to perceive with such keen senses the world all about me, yet not have to be taken notice of, to just quietly observe, and do what I need to do.

I know it's quite different over in Europe, where fox hunting is still popular. Running the poor creature, until it tires out, then killed by the dogs, or the gun. Strange that the fox's cunning, it's method of survival, is also what makes it good "sport" for those people. Sport, indeed! I wonder how the hunters would feel if they were the fox? I wonder if they'd still consider it "good sport". *shakes head* Bah, I'm rambling now.

Folks know I tend to support animal rights, though I'm not one of those crazy people who spray paint over fur coats. What's that gonna do? Make the person run out and get another fur coat, that's what! Only helping the fur industry by doing that. I really think a lot of my fellows don't really sit to think things through.

Of course, I'm a bit of an outcast myself, since I don't really have a problem with hunting, if the animal is actually going to be eaten. Life and death, it's part of the cycle, and I can't blame people who want to return to that cycle, instead of just hopping off to the supermarket. My issue is with those who hunt for "sport", just to mount a head on their walls. I also have serious issues with product testing on animals. Medical testing bothers me, but I understand that we currently don't have any more effective way right now... it sucks, but that's reality.

Funny thing, I didn't intend this post to become a rant, hehe. Looking out my window, there is beauty out there. The bright blue sky above, the dark earth beneath my feet. There's a connection there, a feeling of belonging. I've always felt better, walking in the woods, just sitting, listening to the trees, the birds. Maples have always been my favorite trees, though I couldn't really tell you why. Heh, no, it has nothing to do with maple syrup.

I should get outside more, climb a tree. I'm not that old, not yet. I've just been so detached from myself, and the rest of the world. Being out there, among the trees... it's often the closest thing I feel to being "home". I need to be there more often, especially when human society starts getting me down, making me feel like an automaton -- wake up, go to work, come home, sleep. There really is so much more to life; sometimes, it's just so very hard to see it, so very hard to just get outside and live it. And sometimes, it's just that easy.

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