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I suck. No, really.

I just can't shake this feeling of agitation. It started around 2 am last night, and even nodding off for a few hours didn't help. I don't really see a cause for it, as the day went alright. I was getting a bit stressed out when my mate was worried about confronting our other roommate about rumors he had heard, but I thought I was over that. Then again, maybe it's just that feeling that I'm caught in the middle, and don't want either to come to harm. Still, I don't really feel that's the reason, or at least not the full reason why I'm feeling this way. Yes, there were other minor things that happened later on, some frustrating, some disappointing, but in any case, I was feeling agitated before these other events occurred. Hmm.. I'm worried that this is tied to my reduction in a certain medication I've decided to wean myself off of. My stomache is feeling slightly sore, and as that's part of the withdrawn systems, I suppose it's a possibility. Still, I just can't shake this feeling that there's something more going on, that I just can't grasp. I dunno; I'm just feeling inexplicably incapable. I'm not "sad" or anything, I'm just... discontent. Hmm... thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
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