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Just tired

Well, Tibble is off to New York for a few days, visiting family. I've been thinking of heading up to Maine myself, since my mom's been calling a lot, wanting me to visit. Well, we'll see.

I finally found out that the human resources manager is the reason why my work schedule is so messed up. Apparently, when she talked to all of us to confirm our availabilities, she decided herself that she didn't agree with our availabilities, and put in whatever she wanted instead. Thankfully, one of my bosses managed to at least get me every other Saturday off, which supposedly is going to happen starting in two weeks or so. Well, we'll see if it actually happens. More and more, I'm starting to see why so many of my coworkers really despise the human resources manager. I just wish I had photocopied my old, approved availability form. Oh well.

Otherwise, not much going on, here. Just typing up something before work. I'm still not feeling quite awake, though at least I'm doing better than I have the past week or so. I'm rather curious what incited all those feelings. I guess I'm a little worried to experience them again, but I know it's pointless to worry, since that'd only bring those emotions back sooner. Oh well, what can be done? Still living a day at a time, so I guess that's the best for now.

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