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Take a little trip

Well, in about a half hour, I'm off to Maine. Thinking about it, I really should have left on Monday, to visit with my family and such. This was really impromptu, as a old friend just asked me last night if I wanted to visit. I'll only be able to spend a few hours up there, since I have to let Tibs use the car tonight for work. I was planning on trying to go in to work an extra night tonight, but being up all day won't exactly be conducive to my being there. I'm not really worried, since hours are actually picking up again as we approach the fall, so soon I should be back up to a full forty.

Yesterday I ended up doing some retail therapy. Silly, I know, but it helps sometimes. I found the new platinum version of Neon Genesis Evangelion, so I picked the first DVD in the set. I also picked up the first DVD of Wolf's Rain, as well as the complete season one of Big O. Okay, I know it's all anime, but I'm definitely not otaku. Evangelion was the first anime series that really hooked me, so I'm happy to finally get it on DVD. Wolf's Rain is just sweet; we need more werewolf shows/films. And Big O, well, I just like the art style, and the series for some reason reminds me of Batman: The Animated Series... with giant robots. All of these were quite cheap, so that helped too. ;)

I'd really love to pick up FLCL (which is totally whacked), but paying $25 for a measly two episodes is just insane. I haven't picked up Cowboy Bebop or Inuyasha for similar reasons. Inuyasha has around two hundred episodes or so, but each DVD only has three episodes. At $25 each, that comes up to over $1600! As I was saying, I like anime, but not that much. I'll save the money to finish off my Invader Zim, Family Guy and Futurama collections, instead. ;)

You know, I was going to write something witty and insightful in this entry, but now I forgot completely what I was going to say. I'm probably just feeling a little anxious about this drive. I haven't been up to Maine in many moons is all.

Oh, I never really gave details, did I? I'm going up to meet with one of my oldest and bestest friends, Crystal. We're going to get some Thai food, then shopping I guess. After that, I'm not sure. Knowing us, we'll probably just head back to her place to watch a movie or whatnot. By then, it'll probably be time for me to come back so Tibs can have the car for work. I know you're all thinking, this guy's so much fun, right? ;) Hey, I'd probably go out more if there were places to go out to. There's really not that much up here in Northern New England.

Hmm, I probably should go pack. I'm not even sure what to bring, if anything. I don't need a change of clothes since I'm not staying overnight. Maybe I should just bring some DVDs, just in case. I can't think of anything else. Alright, I'm off! Be well everyone!
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