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Firsts and lasts


[First job]: Taking care of my brother, who is a quadriplegic on a respirator.
[First screen name]: Deathwish, on CyberMuck back in college.
[First funeral]: My paternal step-grandfather's. I was supposed to go to my maternal grandmother's funeral, but my mother thought it would be too hard on me as I was quite young at the time. :/
[First pet]: I don't remember if this was a cat or a dog. If a cat, she was a white longhair named Fluffy. If a dog, that would be my brother's collie, Nicholas.
[First piercing]: None, though I've considered getting both ears pierced, if I can find the right earrings. I'm looking for an autumn leaf and a fox face.
[First tattoo]: None, though I've considered this, also. Nothing major, just perhaps the kanji for "kitsune" (fox) on my shoulder or ankle.
[First credit card]: Does a debit card count? :P
[First kiss]: Er.. *blush* I was notorious for kissing the other kids back when I was in grade school.
[First enemy]: Kevin L., back in Junior High. His skateboard gang hated me for some reason; I think he was trying to "steal" my friends.
[First favorite musician]: I don't really remember. Probably Twisted Sister, since I took after my brother quite a bit, and that was his favorite in the 80s.


[Last car ride]: This morning, coming home from work.
[Last kiss]: I'm not sure. :/
[Last movie watched]: Actual movie? I think it was Hellboy that Tibs rented.
[Last beverage drank]: Gatorade Fruit Punch (Coincidence, Aero? :)
[Last food consumed]: An Italian sub.
[Last phone call]: I don't care for phones much, but that would be talking with my mom.
[Last time showered]: Earlier today, after work.
[Last CD played]: Gigi D'agustino "L'amour Toujours"
[Last website visited]: Besides Livejournal?
[Lesson learned]: People will judge you no matter who you are.


[Single or Taken]: Ask me later...
[Birthday]: March 25, 1974
[Sign]: Aries
[Siblings]: Two, a brother and a sister, both older than myself.
[Hair color]: Brown
[Eye color]: Brown
[Shoe size]: 9 ½
[Height]: 5' 10"
[Mood]: Uncertain of a lot of things right now.

Right now what are you:

[Supposed to be doing instead of this]: I wish I was working out, but my arms are still sore from my workout on Thursday.
[Wearing]: Jean shorts and a wolf t-shirt.
[Drinking]: Nothing at the moment, though I know I should be drinking more water.
[Thinking about]: Something that happened recently that I'd rather not discuss here....
[Listening to]: Some loud music the resident below is is blaring, grr!
[Want to]: Find a new job, or more preferably my purpose.
[About to do]: Hit the "post entry" button, heh. Seriously though, not much until bedtime before work tonight.

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