Autumnfox (foxymoonheart) wrote,

Not exactly

Indicative of my current feelings, yes, but this just seems far more whiny than I'd ever be, thanks. :P

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And just because I've nothing else to say right now...

Popular interests among foxymoonheart's friends
1. furry (41) 11. furry art (17)
2. computers (29) 12. foxes (16)
3. fursuits (25) 13. anthropomorphics (16)
4. furries (21) 14. drawing (15)
5. fursuiting (20) 15. writing (15)
6. wolves (19) 16. plushies (14)
7. animals (19) 17. werewolves (14)
8. music (19) 18. fursuit (13)
9. art (19) 19. movies (12)
10. anime (18) 20. video games (12)
Interests gestalt
My most interesting friend is fangwolf who has 16 of these interests,
followed by djcrimsonfox (15), tygercowboy (14) and ash_quoll (13).
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My friends are 57.43% normal.
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