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Woke up late for work. I called my workplace to let them know I'd be late, then rushed out the door.

Tibs spotted a fox lying dead on the side of the road on our way into work. I don't really believe in omens, but one has to wonder sometimes.

Not only are my hours being cut this week now (as opposed to starting next week), but I've also lost my Saturday off this week, and probably permanently. A lot of my co-workers were p.o.-ed last night as well, for similar issues as well as unrelated ones.

Well, enough is quite enough, thank you. I got some info from a co-worker today, and during my weekend I'm going to call up a local uni and try to get enrolled in their respiratory therapy program, a two-year associate degree. I have eight years caring for a respiratory patient after all, and besides, I've been wanting to get back into the medical field, just not as a nurse. I'm considering looking into physical therapy also.

Wish me luck!
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