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Family Reunion

Well, sort of. Yesterday was... well, crazy to say the least. But in the end, things worked out, and I feel better for it. I still feel something is missing from my life, but then, I suppose very few truly find what they're looking for, let alone know what that may really be.

In short, a bunch of my old friends from Undernet got together last last night on our Anthrochat channel, #fsun. It was totally imprompto, but it was a wonderful time, if brief. I think maybe that's what it is I need in my life, that feeling of family. I miss them all so very much, and I'm saddened that I won't get to see most of them in real life later this year. Still, the happiness I felt during that time, I've carried with me much of the day. I just feel content with myself right now, in this moment.

Thanks guys, all of you who decided to show up and keep an old fox company. I love you all.
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