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Firefox & Gmail woes

Does anyone have any clue why Firefox 1.0PR doesn't allow you to send Gmail invites? It wasn't working on my laptop at all, but tried it on my PC and it worked fine. Meanwhile, I checked for updates to Firefox and extensions on my PC (since I don't update that often), and low and behold, the Gmail invites don't work anymore. So, by simple deduction, since the versions of Firefox were the same on both laptop and PC even before updating, the problem must lie with one of the extensions. I'm suspecting it might be Tabbrowser Extensions (TBE), but I'm not sure. Since I practically depend upon that particular extension, I'd rather not uninstall it unless I have to. So, anyone know if it's TBE or something else?

For reference, yes, I do have as a site set to allow popups via Firefox's default popup blocker. After looking for info online about the problem, I also added it to TBE's "whitelist", but still no luck.


Well, I figured it out. It was indeed the new version of Tabbrowser Extensions. :/ At least I can simply disable it, send an invite, then reenable it. Closing and reopening the browser each time, of course. What a pain. :P Oh well, maybe this will help others.

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