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Trick or Treat

Happy Samhain/Halloween everyone! :)

Had a great day! After getting out of work, we went to see The Grudge with </a></b></a>nightcat22 (who is visiting from Seattle) and his brother, along with </a></b></a>eddiecoon and </a></b></a>keikan. </a></b></a>tibble_cgress and I had already seen it, but decided to see it again in hopes that we wouldn't have rowdy teenagers in the audience this time around. Keikan complained about it (but then, he always does, jokingly), while Eddie mentioned it was too loud (and I don't think he was scared at all), and Nightcat's brother actually laughed at several parts, but at least Nightcat himself quite enjoyed it.

After the movie, we headed off to a local diner for food. For some reason, the diner only served breakfast on weekends, so while the rest of us ate well, Tibs only had a bagel. I think Nightcat's brother stole a "display model", a cup the waitress was using to show us how big an "extra large" orange juice was. Oops. Lots of convo and fun was had. We met up with some guy running for governor (I think), shaking hands, asking us to give him his vote, you know the drill. Kinda scared us that he and his wife looked an awful lot alike. o.O After this, we all split up, some for sleep (I did work last night, after all), some for parties (I think Eddie and Keikan said they had plans.. maybe), and some for.. er.. I forget. Anyway, I'm really glad we all got to spend some time together. These days, I rarely get to visit the locals at all.

Later in the evening, I went over to Nightcat's father's house to go trick-or-treating with "the kids" (I'm assuming his cousin, nieces, nephews, whatever). Nightcat went out as Shaggy (from Scooby-Doo). Lacking the obvious canine companion, I got foxy. Most of the kids (and quite a few adults) really liked Mr. Fox. One woman for some reason kept petting my tail! :D One girl kept dragging me to and fro, like I was her pet fox or something, hehe, it was fun. The only downer was one girl who kept screaming whenever she saw me. I was told that it's habitual for her, and that she get scared of one costume or other every year, so I didn't feel as bad about her getting scared several times. Kids are fickle, as are all people. I'm just glad most of them liked the fox. Being costumed around kids is usually lots of fun; I just feel happy to make others smile and laugh and such. Pity I'm too shy outside of costume, heh. I'm working on that, though.

So, all in all, a pretty good and busy day. I'm sore though... I'm not used to carrying around twenty pounds of fox on my shoulders for two hours, hehe. I really need to get in shape again. Still, it was definitely a blast. Nightcat's suggested Tibs and I go there for Thanksgiving, and I'm still debating it. I know there'll be a lot of people there, and I get shy real quick. Well, we'll see what happens.

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