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Five pound (2.3kg) Hershey chocolate bars are scary. No, really, I saw them today. Mind, the price is also scary at a whopping $30 US! Of course, for the chocoholic in your life, it makes a great holiday gift. :D Thankfully, I'm more into dark chocolate, so I can avoid the temptation, although I did see 14 oz (0.4kg) Toblerones, of which I'll probably snag one before the year is out. Mmm, swiss chocolate...

For fans of the Firefox web browser, version 1.0 (not the preview release version that was released earlier) is finally out! Go grab it, it's great. :)

For those of you worried about the state of our nation over the next four years, there's even a Homeland Security Threat Level extension for Firefox! Er, only agencies involved in rescue or average citizens with a sense of humor need apply, thank you. (It's not my desire to spread paranoia...)

On the subject of politics, </a></b></a>nightcat22 sent me a link to a rather hilarious political ad.
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