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And so another day begins

I'm feeling a lot better today, just tired. I actually managed to (sort of) make up with the woman at work whom I thought hated me. It's still hard to tell just what she's thinking, but I'm guessing she's just frustrated when she doesn't get her way. Or, at least, I spoke with her and she seemed fine and responsive to my questions. It's a start anyway.

I've also noticed that a couple girls at work seem to have an interest in me. <.< >.> Yeah, go figure. Obviously I'm not interested (since I'm already involved, thank you), but it's nice to know there are others who see me that way. ^.^ It definitely feels good to think that I'm likable, heh. Of course, I'm sure some of you have noticed that I'm often way too hard on myself.

Back to being tired, it's amazing how my work schedule changing by a single hour (I now start at 10pm instead of 9pm) affects my internal clock. I just felt rather useless last night, and never got my second wind. Thankfully work provided some coffee, and though I don't drink it normally (although I do love the smell), it definitely helped me get through last night. Now I just need to fix my sleeping schedule -- which is a mess again. Hehe, nothing new.

That's about it for now. SAD doesn't seem as bad today as it has been, despite what a gloomy day it is outside. All's good on the home front. I hope you're all doing well. :)

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