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You can tell the holidays are almost over... I'm actually posting regularly again, heh.

Does anyone know how to play the wooden flute? I'm asking since I've had such a flute for awhile now, and always wanted to learn to play it. Just thought of that recently. I got it from a Native American friend of mine years ago, who carved it from driftwood. Rather fitting, I thought. Anyway, if anyone knows any books or whatnot on the subject, please let me know, thanks!

On that note, anyone know where I can get a decent wooden ring for a hide drum? I made a moosehide drum many years back; it had a beautiful and much deeper tone than, say, one of deerhide. Unfortunately, a year later, the cedar ring cracked, so it now sounds awful. I know I could fix it if I could just find another such ring. Anyone who has any leads, please help! Thanks!

Oh, and thank you everyone who replied to a certain earlier post. *warm hugs* It helped very much, thanks!

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