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Found this in one of my communities and thought it was important:

wrenna wrote:
    "The strongest earthquake for 40 years has claimed several thousands lives across South Asia.

    Tidal waves triggered by the quake struck across the region causing widespread destruction." - SKY NEWS

    "The largest earthquake to hit the planet in 40 years struck at 6:58 a.m. (local time) on Dec. 26 off the western coast of Sumatra. About 44,000 people have been reported to be killed in nine countries, including India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, following massive tsunamis, with thousands washed out to sea." - WORLDVISION

    People out there need our financial help, and they need it now. As of Wednesday 29th December 2004, the "Tsunami Death Toll" stands at 60,000+. That figure is thought to rise dramatically still as more bodies are recovered from this tragic natural disaster.
    There are many charities and aid agencies which have already deployed teams out to the areas affected. But due to the massive impact that these Tsumani's have created, the lives of millions of people will be affected by disease, lack of food, and more importantly, lack of fresh water.

    I have begun this post on livejournal in the hopes that people will copy into their own journals, their own communities, and make use of the information contained in it.

    This is not a begging letter or email. So if you can't afford to give, please just post it in your journal, so that others who may be able to donate.
    Right now there are people in South East Asia who have lost everything.
    £1, $1, 1EURO, is better than nothing at all.

    Please feel free to add links of any charity accepting donations for this cause.

    The Command Post is a newsblog that is being continuously updated to contain information regarding this disaster. More importantly it contains up to date information about where you can donate.

    British Red Cross/Blue Peter Appeal

    American Red Cross

    Google Ways to Help with Tsunami Relief

    Medicins Sans Frontieres

    Oxfam UK


    Donate via

    Save The Children

    Red Cross & Red Crescent


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