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Video Game Update...

... for no reason other than I'm bored. :)

I just beat Sly 2. Yay. When's 3 coming out? Of course, I cheated in that I never actually finished the first one. Oops. Stupid non-optional side missions. I will say Sly 2 was easier. Apparently, the engine actually makes the game easier if you're having trouble with a mission. I'll admit, there were a couple that really got me. And I'm still tired of collecting bottles, coins, rings, whatever. Otherwise, the gameplay is wonderful.

Haven't played GTA3: San Andreas in awhile, since I'm stuck on one mission. I'll get back to it. I hate shooting missions where you can't lock-on to targets. I stink at aiming, heh. I'm still in the first city, too. Oh, and I absolutely despise the girlfriends in this game. Well, except in that they allow two-player mode, whee. Flying stolen planes is a lot of fun. So is getting chased by jets and missions in your little propeller plane, getting hit by said missions, then bailing from the aircraft at 10,000 feet. Okay, so that's not so nice, but landing in water and actually surviving (barely) is. Of course, then getting chased by police boats isn't. But hitting the shore so they can't follow is. Of course, then you got to deal with the SWAT guys. I'm so glad my guy's place was nearby.

I created a save for Katamari Damacy. Very strange game, but also quite fun. Absolutely love the characters, even if I thought the design was quite weird at first. Actually, it still is weird, but it's definitely fitting. Rolling up cats is fun; they meow at you. I haven't gotten my Katamari large enough to roll up people yet. Soon, young grasshopper.

Haven't really been doing my DDR workout, although </a></b></a>eddiecoon did offer to let me borrow DDR Max 2. (I'm presently borrowing Max 1.) I really should do this again, since I have been eating way too many fatty foods lately. Quote the Homer, "Dooonuts..."

I'm thinking about getting World of Warcraft. I generally don't like pay-to-play games though. Seems like a lot of fun, but as I play games so sporadically, I probably can't justify the cost. I'm thrifty: sometimes it's a virtue, sometimes it's a crutch, heh. Speaking of MMORPG type games, Silverfox is trying to get me into Second Life. Apparently, he's already created a fox character for me, heh. It's only $10 for life, so I might.

Thoughts, comments, recommendations?

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