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Not much going on. The past couple of nights at work have been interesting, as I find myself rather stressed and ready to strangle folks, but that's retail for you. In any case, all the pain in my stomach is now gone, and my head is feeling much clearer, except for the constant headache. That should hopefully fade within the next few days.

Mmm, I love drizzle. 'Twas doing so when I came home this morning. For some reason, rain always makes me smile; the sound on the roof or a windowsill. But I think I love drizzle the best; it's great to walk or job in, and the small drops upon my skin just make me feel so alive and free. I know most folks don't care for rain, and drizzle can sometimes make them feel down. I guess I'm just odd. :)

Anyway, off to bed I go. I'm going to resist the urge to stay up all day, and instead listen to my body's needs a bit more. That's all part of the recover process, after all. I'm sure a nap will do me good anyway. Oh well, here I go!

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